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JR’s Well Drilling – Who We Are.

We all want that contractor who we can trust.  A man who stands behind his word and work.  Who can you trust with life’s most valuable natural resource—JR’s Well Drilling.  Jeff’s family of a crew are experts in this field.  They are dependable, reliable, honest and knowledgeable.  They will never drill you in the wrong direction.  JR’s Well Drilling stands behind their work with pride and guarantee.

We confidently set steel well casing into the ground and restrain it into place for a definite seal.  Once secured, a hole 6” in diameter is began to be drilled in to the ground to investigate fractures and any aquifers that may be located below. Only when an adequate, suitable amount of water is situated to full-fill the demand is the well then capped and prepared for the next step.  The next step is integrating the water supply with a water system.

JR’s Well Drilling then implants a submersible pump and motor down in the well, connected through a one way check valve into a water pressure tank inside the home.  Once all standardized pressuring is flawless, the supply of clean, fresh running water is now available to all the taps of the home.

From the beginning of the job to the end JR’s Well Drilling stands behind all guarantee and manufacture warranty.

There is no job too big or too small for JR’s Well Drilling family.  Whether its starting from scratch with a six inch hole in the ground or you need some fine tuning because of an obstruction of some sort.  Our family is highly qualified to probe and persue any inquiry.

From Well To Tap

  • Dependable 24hr-365 day emergency service
  • Complete well drilling
  • Licensed plumber
  • Licensed electrician
  • Improved water flow and quality from existing wells
  • Water treatments
  • Cottage winterization

Your only a phone call away from FRESH water freedom!!

Call us today for a free quote or ask questions. We would love to hear from you.


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